About Miris

The Miris story began with a traditional mustard recipe handed down through four generations of Sri Lankan women, whose celebrations of food and cooking were often the focal point of any festive occasion.  The Miris product range has grown over the years to include award winning chutneys, sauces, pastes, dukkahs and spice blends.  The Miris Mustard remains my signature product, with its exotic blend of spices, fresh herbs, mustard seeds and 'Miris', the queen of spice ('Miris' – meaning chilli in Sinhalese).

Every one of the Miris range of products is hand crafted, artisan style, using only the freshest ingredients.

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Come with me on my journey and experience Miris through:
      •  Miris Products
      •  Miris Cooking Demos (party plan style for 10 to 12 people)
      •  Miris Cooking Classes (traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, hands-on)
      •  Miris Trails (Boutique Culinary Tours of Sri Lanka)  
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